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3 Noble Brands Doing Unbelievable Stuff on The Earth Day

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Saurav Bhagat
Written by Saurav Bhagat
[email protected] | Delhi | Published on: April-22-2019 10:37 AM

Every brand has its own story which can entirely be different from one another but a common link amongst them is that these stories don’t just focus on consumers but also the environment that impacts them. Google’s own tagline of “Don’t be evil” not only speaks of the deeds we shouldn’t do to others but also to the mother nature.

While a lot of brands have incorporated measures that protect the planet, there is one day when they all come forward to share their stories and at the same time, spread awareness.

From its very inception in 1970, Earth Day has been a movement that sparks passion and motivates action for environmental preservation and brands are no longer lagging behind. This year with the theme – ‘Protect Our Species’, it aims to draw attention to the rapid extinction of species across the world, which is somehow directly linked to human activity which causes climate change, pollution and deforestation.

Brands are extending their environmental responsibility, sometimes by getting their customers onboard to join their green efforts and sometimes by making them think of their own responsibilities towards saving the environment.

Today on its 49th celebration, we present to you some of the great initiatives being taken up by brands around the globe for the Earth Day.

1. Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B Beauty logo

Image courtesy: Twitter.com


Lauren B. Beauty has been loved not only for their Earth Day celebration that not only focuses on the environmental concerns but also for taking a step forward to address them.

In one of their awareness campaigns, they started out by informing people about how a mere nail polish counts as a hazardous waste. Also, they asked people to bring their old nail polishes (Of course, of any brand!) which they later recycled and/or disposed off safely. Too good, isn’t it? And that’s not all. They also offered people a free Lauren B. nail perfecter base coat in return for their old nail polish products.

But their efforts weren’t just restricted to a single day, they now carry out these recycling events at least once a month.

2. Apple

Every year, Apple makes a new promise on Earth day. Back in 2014, they took a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. And since then, Apple has emerged as a leading player in sustainable initiatives. Apple is now 100% renewable in 43 countries.

Their 2016 campaign, where they posted a video to celebrate Earth Day, was equally loved by every environment conscious mind.

They came back in 2019 too with an ad in honor of Earth Day, Apple released a striking ad all about the earth’s treasures, from animals to landscapes with the title “Don’t Mess With Mother”.

3. Pfizer

In addition to improving human health with its medicines, Pfizer also dedicates every day, including Earth Day, for enhancing environmental health. They have consistently been focusing on reducing their waste and utilizing renewable energy sources.

Pfizer marked the 5th anniversary of their green journey with a Twitter post that consisted of this visual:

Pfizer tweet earth daySource

Being a brand is amazing but what more amazing as a Brand is to know its effects on its consumers as well as the environment too. These brands have proven that in the journey to make huge profits and promising customer experience, one also needs to look after the mother nature.

Which brand do you think is doing the best for the environment?

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