5 Richest Families In India, Ambani Family Retains The Top Spot
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5 Richest Families In India, Ambani Family Retains The Top Spot

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Pritish raj
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The top ten richest families in India have a combined wealth of a massive ₹9,22,600 crore. And, they are not shy of showing it.

According to the Hurun Research Institute, the top 10 richest families in India control more than half the country’s businesses.

From the Ambani’s family whose ₹3,80,700 crore comes from Reliance Industries; to Wadias who control a textiles-to-airlines group, here’s a rundown of 5 wealthiest families in India.

Ambani Family

NetWorth: ₹3,80,700 crore
Source of Income: Reliance Industries

Mukesh Ambani, his wife Nita, and their three kids–Akash, Isha, Anant–make up the wealthiest family in India with a wealth of around 3,80,700 crore.

Not just because of the riches, but because of their glimmering lifestyle, the entire nation is in awe of them. The marriages of the twins Akash and Isha captured domestic and global attention. Not only did all of Bollywood dance to it, but it was also graced by global pop star Beyonce.

The Ambanis also resides in one of the most costly Antilia homes in the world— the 27-story building in Mumbai that is supposed to cost $1 billion.

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani has been appointed the wealthiest person in India for the 8th time in a row in the Hurun wealthy list. His wealth is more than the combined riches of the second and third wealthiest country—SP Hinduja family, respectively, and Azim Premji.

Godrej Family

Networth: ₹1,57,000 crore
Source of Income: Godrej Group

The Godrej family based in Mumbai constructed their fortune from various companies with interests in consumer products, true estate, white products and more.

The family’s patriarch is Adi Godrej, the 77-year-old US$ 2.9 billionaire Indian billionaire.

Recently, the 122-year-old conglomerate has been struggling over a vast territory they hold in Mumbai. The family sought external assistance in resolving the dispute

Hinduja Family
Networth: ₹1,86,500 crore
Source of Income: The Hinduja Group
There are four brothers in the Hinduja family — Srichand, Gopichand, Prakash, and Ashok. They operate the conglomerate based in London, the Hinduja group, which produces $50 billion in annual income.

A merchant bank and trading firm were established in 1914 by P D Hinduja. Now, except for tobacco, alcohol, and meat, its trading activities are distributed across all commodities. It has also extended to include energy, foundries and more in many industries. The group is the world’s fourth-biggest bus producer.

The Hinduja siblings have risen their net worth by 1,590 percent over two decades, from $1 billion in 1999 to $16.9 billion in 2019, Forbes said.

Also, the Hinduja brothers are one of the UK’s richest. The net worth of the family saw a rise of more than three billion pounds in one year, the Asian Rich List revealed, which placed the number one family.

As their Carlton House Terrace house is near Buckingham Palace in London.

Adani Family
Networth: ₹120,900 crore
Source of Income: The Adani Group

Adani’s family is likely the biggest family in the list of billionaire Gautam Adani, his seven brothers, and their families. Their fortune amounts to about 120,900 crores, and the group owns Gujarat’s biggest private port in India.

The interests of the Adani group span logistics, energy, farming, defense, and aviation.

Adani has constructed one of India’s biggest infrastructure firms worth 4,700 crores in 25 years. The six businesses of Adani group — had a turnover of some 77,000 crores in 2017-18 with some 20,141 crores as operating gain.

The Damani of Dalal Street

Networth: ₹77,500 crore

Radhakishan Damani, famous investor, and his wife, sister, and brother make up the fifth wealthiest family in the country.

They own the famous D-Mart retail store, which is the main source of the vast revenue of the family. Damani is a renowned investor whose wealth doubled in 2017 following a stellar retail chain listing on inventory markets. His daughter Manjri Chandak is D-Mart’s CEO.

Radhakishan Damani, often referred to as India’s’ Warren Buffet,’ was also a mentor to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, an as investor. VST Industries, Sundaram Finance, India Cements, and Blue Dart holdings are owned by the family.

The family also owns Alibaug, near Mumbai’s Radisson Blu resort.

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