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About Us

Next Big Brand is a Brand Centric online Media platform. We provide the latest news in FMCG, Startup, Internet, Tech, Automobile, Retail, and Industries.

In a universe of brands, NBB is the storyteller, you can count on. We envision to make brand-centric news and updates globally accessible while creating an avenue with 360-degree solutions for brands, create synergy among the people and industry folks.

There are many platforms like this. What’s make it different?

We are focused on educating, sharing the journeys of brands, the industry folks to make NBB the go-to platform for all things related to brands. There has been a gap in pure brand-centric Indian Media online.

What will be the focus area for this platform?

Apart from making our online efforts bigger we are focussing on more interviews on our digital channels. We are creating a 360-degree solution for brands with that would create synergies among the industry folks while making the audience aware.


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