Amazon Offers $10,000 To Its Employees To Start Their Own Delivery Businesses.
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Amazon Offers $10,000 to Its Employees To Start Their Own Delivery Businesses.

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The largest e-commerce marketplace in the world “Amazon” is all set for its new goals. The company plan to reduce Prime shipping down to one-day delivery. The announcement to expand Delivery Service Partner Program made by the company, which includes an incentive to encourage existing Amazon employees to launch their own packaging delivery company. The program was first announced last year, which provide various benefits including Amazon’s delivery technology, hands-on training, also services like vehicle leasing and insurance. Moreover, it now also includes $10,000 too.

The company said it will fund startup costs up to $10,000, with equipment of three months of the former employee’s last gross salary. This will help the employees to get their new business without worrying about a break in pay.

Last year, Amazon said that people can start their own delivery business with only $10,000, while  $10,000 will be reimbursed to military veterans.

To double the shipment Amazon made a much broader commitment including to offer three month’s pay to its employees.


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The company said, employees or other entrepreneurs who want to be part of the program or able to lease customized Amazon smile logo blue delivery vans can take advantages including fuel, brand uniform, insurance and many more.

Before the program was started, the company relied on its Amazon Flex crowdsource workforce. But they often faced difficulties due to the fluctuating gas price that cut into profits, also lack of insurance and smaller, unbranded personal vehicle.

Amazon claims that delivery partners could earn up to $300,000 in annual profit by growing their fleet of 40 vehicles. The company claims that last year is expected that hundreds of small business owners will come to hire thousands of driver across united states.

The program is working effectively as about 200 small business has hired “thousands” of local drivers, since the program launched in June 2018. The company said it expected to have hundreds more small businesses this year.

Amazon is rolling out machines to automate a job that is currently done by thousands of workers like boxing customer orders. The company focusses on automation of its warehouses that potentially put some workers out of jobs. To help its workers, they could be part of the delivery partner program.

The investment to help its employees transition to this delivery program could be regained over time as the retailer has not to a reliance on UPS, USPS and FedEx as the delivery network could ease and control its own delivery. However, all Amazon delivery partners will help to make one-day shipping the new Prime default possible. The U.S., the U.K., and Spain employees can avail this offer.

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