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Apple remains supreme, brand value crosses $200 billion

Amazon has dethroned all the major giants including Google and Apple (courtesy Arab News)
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  • Apple crosses the $200 billion thresholds.
  • Facebook’s value decreases by 6 percent.
  • Amazon registers 37 percent growth.

Forbes Magazine reported, tech giant Apple tops the list of most valued brands across the globe with a value of over $200 billion. Other names in the list include Samsung, McDonald’s, Google, and Toyota.

Know Brand Value

Brand equity refers to a value premium that a company generates from a product with a recognizable name when compared to a generic equivalent. Companies can create brand equity for their products by making them memorable, easily recognizable, and superior in quality and reliability.

1. Apple

Industry:- Technology

Value:- $205.5 Billion

Apple’s value has increased by 12 percent since last year. This is the first time a brand has crossed the $200 billion thresholds. Apple accounts revenue of $265.8 billion.

Apple's office

2. Google 

Industry:- Technology

Value:- $167.7 Billion

Google saw a mammoth growth in its value since last year with 27 percent. Revenue of Google is $136.2 Billion while it spent $6.4 billion on company advertising.

Google logo image source google search engine roundtable

3. Microsoft

Industry:- Technology

Value:- $125.3 Billion

Microsoft’s value grew by 20%  as compared to last year. The US-based tech giant spent around $1.6 billion on company advertising. Revenue of Microsoft currently stands at $110.2 Billion.


4. Amazon

Industry:- Technology

Value:- $97 Billion

Amazon registered the highest increase in the list. Its value increased by 37 percent since last year. Company’s current revenue stands at $211.4 billion which is 3rd highest in the list.

Amazon logo source bgr

Amazon logo source bgr

5. Facebook

Industry:- Technology

Value:- $88.9 billion.

Facebook saw a negative impact on its value since last year and it decreased by 6 percent. Its current revenue is $48.8 billion while the company spent $1.1 billion on its advertising.

Mark Zuckerberg - NextBigBrand

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6. Coca-Cola

Industry:- Beverages

Value:- $59.2 Billion

Non-Alcoholic beverage giant Coca-Cola saw an increase of 3 percent in its value. The company’s revenue is $23.8 billion.

7. Samsung

Industry:- Technology

Value:- $53.1 Billion

Electronics Appliance giant recorded notable growth in its brand value by 11 percent. The revenue of the company was calculated to be $221.6 billion only behind Apple in the list.

8. Disney

Industry:- Entertainment

Value:- $52.2 Billion

Disney spent $2.8 billion on its advertising hence increasing its brand value by 10 percent since last year.

9. Toyota

Industry:- Automotive

Value:- $44.6 Billion

Only Automotive giant on the list, Toyota’s brand value remains the same as of last year. Its revenue was calculated to be $190.8 billion.

10. McDonald’s

Industry:- Food

Value:- $43.8 Billion

McDonald’s saw a 6 percent growth in the value and records revenue of $96.1 billion while spending $389 million on advertising.

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