Aston Martin: 100 Years Of The Iconic James Bond Brand
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Aston Martin: 100 Years Of The Iconic James Bond Brand
Saurav Bhagat
Written by Saurav Bhagat
[email protected] | Delhi | Published on: May-31-2019 05:12 PM

James Bond’s favorite manufacturing business Aston Martin was based in an exceedingly little London workshop in 1913 by the engineer Robert Bamford and also the automobile enthusiast Lionel Martin. The name Aston Martin came a year later once their image with success created it around the Aston Hill Climb track in Buckinghamshire.

Their 1st vehicle contained a four-cylinder Coventry-Simplex Engine with the chassis of a 1908 Isotta-Fraschini, and once nice deliberation once selecting what to call the car, they conjured up the name Aston Martin’ — a mixture of Aston Hills and also the name of co-founder Lionel Martin.


The company started as an amature wagon maker back then in 1900s photo courtesy:

The company started as an amature wagon maker back then in 1900s photo courtesy:

The company was set to begin production of their 1st automobile however they were unsuccessful by the occurrence of the primary warfare, that meant that they’d to then wait till the post-war amount to do once more to ascertain the corporate. However, Bamford left the corporate in 1920, going away Lionel Martin to seek out funding from different sources. By 1922 the corporate was commencing to prosper and even took half within the French auto race, but this was to be transitory and that they suffered bankruptcy in 1924.

Later that year the corporate found new patrons and its official name was created ‘Aston Martin Motors’, however it had been to fail a year later; in 1926, the industrial plant was closed and founder Lionel Martin was forced to go away the business. Despite Aston Martin’s poor fortune in its short life, new owners Bill Renwick and Augustus  Bertelli refused to grant up and kept operating to build up the name of the auto company.


The 1965 Aston Martin DB5 from 'GoldenEye' Is Up for Auction - James Bond Car Auction

The 1965 Aston Martin DB5 from ‘GoldenEye’ Is Up for Auction – James Bond Car Auction

Aston Martin continued to struggle throughout the Nineteen Thirties, however, and shortly saw money difficulties. L. Pideaux Brune took over the corporate once the previous owners could now not carry the corporate forward, then later passed it on to Arthur Joan Sutherland who initiated the amount wherever they began to mass turn out Aston Martin cars for the road.

But Aston Martin was to be unsuccessful once more by war; the Second warfare halted all production of Aston Martin cars which might issue into their monetary struggles that were to follow. David Brown took over in 1947 and introduced a series of cars so as to aim to place Aston Martin back in the black. In 1950, the Aston Martin declared its dB series and by 1958 had discharged a spread of cars that enclosed the celebrated sound unit Mark II and DB2/4 cars in addition as resulting models.




The Fifties had helped Aston Martin to create a solid name within Great Britain and also the auto company was absolutely poised to form a comeback. it had been in 1963 that they introduced the DB5 luxury grand tourer, an evolution of their booming DB4 series, the sort of automobile that might facilitate Aston Martin cement their role within the automobile business throughout the Nineteen Sixties, later emotional their DBS and DB6 series vehicles. The DB5 helped to bring thought international fame to Aston Martin, because it grew to be the most recognizable James bond car, appearing in the acclaimed 1964 film Goldfinger.

The improvement in fortune for Aston Martin wasn’t while an incumbrance, however, and in 1972 it had been sold to Company Developments. Following the running from debt on the brink of £1 million, the corporate was sold all over again to a different company that threw into question the steadiness and profit of the automaker.

But this point they managed a booming flip around and enforced an oversized achievement drive to seek out gifted staff who would facilitate turn the company’s fortunes around. The new house owners helped modification the direction of Aston Martin, modernizing its line of cars far away from the grand tourer series towards cars within the form of the kind of the V8 Vantage (1977) and convertible Volante (1978).

ASTON MARTIN in the Fashionable Era: 1980-2000S

The newest models are stunning and all time hits

The newest models are stunning and all time hits

Aston Martin expanded their remit by buying the popular British automaker MG, with plans to craft an innovative new series of cars. however, this ne’er went ahead because the company was hit exhausting by the economic turmoil of the Eighties.

Towards the tip of the Eighties, Pace petroleum and Victor Gauntlett acquired the corporate while Ford purchased three-quarters of the business. The Aston Martin Virage entered production within the Nineties before Ford took complete management of the corporate, gaining 100 percent of the shares. This ushered within the most booming era for Aston Martin; underneath Ford, they made celebrated models like the DB7 Volante, the superior V8 Vantage, V12 Vantage, DB7 Vantage, the DB9, and lots of a lot of.




There square measure six totally different organizations that hold an interest within the company, with the times of monetary turmoil long behind the corporate and revenue reaching virtually £0.5 billion. With over 1000 staff worldwide and 2 subsidiaries, the symbolic British auto company seems to own come back through a rocky history to position itself in an exceedingly robust position for the predictable future.

And so the story continues, and lots a lot of chapters square measure probably to be written over the approaching decades. Aston Martin is often an organization worth celebrating: the actual fact it’s 100 years previous is simply a good excuse. Here’s to the next century!

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