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Cadbury Dairy Milk Celebrates 70th Anniversary By ‘Spready’-ing Love!

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Cadbury Dairy Milk has been an important part of many children’s childhoods, and many adult’s lives too! The brand recently celebrated its 70th anniversary in India. It was during these celebrations that it revealed it will now be joining the spreads category too, with its new product – Cadbury Dairy Milk Spready. Furthermore, to help consumers find innovative uses for the same, they are also launching a new cookbook. This cookbook is written in partnership with chocolatier Zeba Kohli. It contains over 70 recipes that utilize Spready.

Anil Vishwanathan, Mondelez India Director Marketing (chocolates) announced during the reveal that their main aim is to increase the consumption of chocolates in India. At present, the average consumer eats 300 grams of chocolate a year. Americans, on the other hand, eat 10 kgs of chocolate a year, and this is the number that Mr. Vishwanathan is aiming for. We don’t know about chocolate, but let’s not root for morbid obesity in India!

Why is the brand looking to grow into the spreads market?

The spreads category is a fast-growing one, with Indian tastes and cravings for fun snacks increasing day by day. According to a report released by TechSci Research, by 2022, the spreads market in India should reach a value of 527 million USD. It is also projected to grow at a total CAGR of 16%. Currently, this market is seeing a lot of action through brands like Veeba, Nutella, Dr. Oetkar, and so on. So, why should one of the most popular chocolates in India be left behind?

Chocolate is a universally loved flavor and can be used as an addition to almost any snack. So, with that in mind, Mondelez India wants to grow into this consumer category. According to Mr. Vishwanathan, the brand wishes to be the go-to chocolate in every conceivable category. They want home chefs and avid snackers to use this product in their food.

This is where the cookbook with Zeba Kohli comes in. Knowing that most people may only have a few ideas when it comes to using the Cadbury Dairy Milk Spready, the brand has decided to step in and offer some ideas of its own too. Apparently, these 70 recipes also use other Cadbury products in fun and innovative ways.

Mr. Vishwanathan has revealed that launch will be accompanied by a massive digital campaign. A quick Google search revealed that most e-tailers are already offering this spread. The 200-gram variant is currently priced at 127 INR on Flipkart. The brand’s aim at the moment is to become more relevant to people of all age groups. With their campaign, they hope to capture the imagination of children and their parents when it comes to adding more chocolate to their diet.

If this chocolate spread tastes exactly the same as Dairy milk, then it’s going to make a lot of children’s fantasies come true. After all, who doesn’t want to dunk their face in melted chocolate?

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