FabMart and FabMall Launch a new brand - Again Beverages

FabMart and FabMall Launch a new brand – Again Beverages

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The founders of FabMall and FabMart have joined forces to launch a new beverage brand in India called AGAIN. According to their own spokespeople, AGAIN is different from other branded beverages as it contains milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables, natural sweeteners, and many other natural, healthy ingredients. They claim that they do not use any added sugar, preservatives, food coloring or artificial flavors. They have also created the drinks in a way that consumers can store them at ambient temperatures. This can be extremely beneficial to travelers who lack access to refrigerators while on the road.

While the market is saturated with sugary, fizzy drinks, this brand is ready to make its mark in the healthier beverages segment. Speaking about this, Mr. Vaitheeswaran said “We see a huge gap in the ready-to-drink beverage market in India. Right now, consumers are forced to choose between delicious and nutritious. Whether its consumers shopping at retail outlets, patrons eating out at restaurants or passengers at airports, we wonder why can’t they have both?”

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He also said “The high sugar content and preservatives, as well as significant amounts of artificial ingredients in popular beverages, is disconcerting. Given the current scenario, it is of paramount importance that we provide nutritive food choices, which are easily accessible and affordable. Without compromising on the taste factor. With AGAIN, our endeavor is to do exactly that. And I have a feeling that this is going to be an exciting journey!” reveals the famed entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and author of best-selling book Failing to Succeed – The story of India’s first e-commerce company.”

Mr. Thakran, one of the co-founders of AGAIN, said “It has been an exciting challenge to create a range of beverages that rank high on nutrition as well as flavor. Instead of refined sugar, we have used honey and jaggery as healthy substitutes. AGAIN drinks have 100% natural ingredients, with the highest fruit/vegetable content, that too as puree and not juice or concentrate, as compared to any other beverage or dairy product in the market.”

This brand is only available in select outlets at the moment as they are still in the process of distribution.

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