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Fashion Everyday – A place where all your fashion curiosities and wonderings will end

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Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: April-18-2019 07:23 AM

With reaching million hearts to creating its own place in the digital market, Fashion Everyday is one such community that lives by the promise of never letting down its users. The social media community that is solely dedicated to women fashion was started in the year 2016 and is unstoppable since then. The brilliant minds behind starting Fashion Everyday is Satyam Shastri and Nikhil Kale, the two youngsters who dropped out of college in order to create something extraordinary. At the age when we are still figuring out what to do, these guys managed to rule the online world. And Fashion Everyday is the result of their brilliance and hard work.

Fashion Everyday, the place where all your fashion curiosities and wonderings will end is known for its creative styling tips, trendy chick outfits and up-to-date information related to the world of fashion. The place that will never let you down is continuing to win the hearts of people all over the world with its quality content. In a short period of time, the Facebook page of Fashion Everyday gained a whopping fan base of 4 million+ and it all became possible because of the potential, hard work and dedication of these guys.

Satyam Shastri & Nikhil Kale (L to R)

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Satyam Shastri & Nikhil Kale (L to R)

The team of two became even stronger when they came across another pair of youngsters who were also trying their luck in the E-commerce business, Prashant Urankar and Mandar Kshire. Soon Nikhil and Satyam realized that these guys are full of potential and dedication so four of them joined hands with the intention of reaching their social media community to the heights of success. With their enormous amount of talent, they managed to bag the Best Women Engaging Content Award in the year 2016.

They have also started a web that is based on women fashion, the place where you will get all kinds of tips, advice, and latest information about what’s in and also it stores beauty related tips that will guide you. In the modern world, as we all seek something that defines our own unique style, Fashion everyday promises to provide you with the best of fashion that will be helpful to you in your everyday life.

Another good news for their users is that soon they will be starting their own online store that will provide you with the best trendy and stylish outfits, accessories and everything that a woman could ask for in the name of fashion.

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