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From Ayurveda to Jeans: Success Story of Patanjali

Written by Sourav
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Patanjali started off as a small pharmacy in 1997 and now is one of the biggest brands in India, with a widely diversified portfolio. The brand offers a wide range of FMCG products like ghee, biscuits, noodles, and has even recently branched out into the apparels sector with jeans. In this article, we will take a look at their amazing success story!

When Baba Ramdev started a small pharmacy, he did not know that it would soon have 5,000 distribution partners, 100 mega marts and 15,000 stores. The brand has partnered with huge names like Future Group and Reliance Retail in order to have its products displayed at their mega marts too. However, just having your products available in a market does not guarantee their success. Patanjali has taken multiple steps in order to ensure that their products gain recognition and loyalty from their customers. Some of these steps are as follows

Attractive pricing of Patanjali

A huge plus point of Patanjali products is that their pricing range is within highly affordable amounts, making this a brand that is quite accessible to consumers. In order to maintain their low prices, they source their ingredients directly from farmers and do not have any middlemen involved. The brand has successfully captured consumers who want quality products at low prices.

Managing a good sales and distribution network

Patanjali has over 5,000 distribution partners, due to which the brand can make sure that their products are available everywhere in the country. From urban areas to tier 2 and 3 cities, people can find this brand anywhere.

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Product focus

The brand has consistently maintained a strong focus on the overall quality of their products. This is because when it comes to cheaper priced products, consumers often think that the quality may not be that great. But Patanjali has disrupted the market by proving them wrong. They have shown that it is more than possible to maintain affordability while also focusing on product quality. Their most sought after products include toothpaste and ghee, which has multiple competitors in the market!

Hiring smartly

The success of any organization depends not only on the person who has established it but also on the people who run it. Unlike many other businesses, Patanjali does not hire individuals who have an MBA. Instead, they hire professions who have years of experience, and also possess the know-how. The brand has maintained that it does not want to create a corporate culture. Instead, it wants to create a spiritual one. This why they focus on qualifications like Masters of Science and Ayurveda more than whether their candidates have MBAs.

The right brand ambassador

Another great move by the brand was choosing Baba Ramdev as the ambassador. Through this, they have created a brand image of health and vitality. As Baba Ramdev is a strong advocate for Ayurveda and Yoga, having him as the brand ambassador makes the most sense. Consumers feel that this image resonates with them.

By experimenting with the kinds of products they can offer, and also sticking to the cultural appeal of an indigenous brand, Patanjali has become one of the biggest brands in India. Their revenue has increased by 5 times over the last few years, thanks to their diverse product offerings. One can only expect more innovation from this company in the future!

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