HAGO App Crosses 100 Million Downloads Within A Year
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HAGO App Crosses 100 Million Downloads Within A Year

HAGO App- Next Big Brand
Pritish raj
Written by Pritish raj
[email protected] | Noida | Published on: September-30-2019 01:05 PM

HAGO (an acronym for’ Have A Good One’) App was an unexplored Chinese social gaming application until not too long ago. Released last November, it allows users to discover friends, play games, host ‘ voice parties’ and earn real rewards (mobile recharges, shopping vouchers, even smartphones, and motorcycles).

Only the kind of millennial stuff tends to get obsessed.

The popularity of HAGO struck the roof in 2019. According to Sensor Tower data, it became the sixth most downloaded app in the world in July, trailing only TikTok and Facebook-owned apps.

HAGO has seen dramatic growth in India.

Until not too long ago, HAGO (an acronym for ‘Have A Good One’) was an under-discovered Chinese social gaming app. Released last November, it lets users discover friends, play games, host ‘voice parties’, and earn real rewards (mobile recharges, shopping vouchers, and even smartphones and bikes).

Just the kind of stuff millennials tends to obsess over.

HAGO’s popularity hit the roof in 2019. In July, it became the world’s sixth most downloaded app, according to Sensor Tower data, trailing only TikTok and the Facebook-owned apps.

India is already the second biggest market of HAGO (next to Indonesia), representing 14% of its total customers. The app is presently accessible in both English and Hindi. Overall, HAGO’s Google Play Store has crossed 100 million downloads and is rated 4.4 out of 5.

The app has recently produced a lot of chatter on the Indian Internet, sharing HAGO referral codes, jokes, memes, and videos with users. It’s the most curiosity-inducing app right now, particularly among millennials, along with TikTok.

Features of HAGO App- Next Big Brand

Features of HAGO App- Next Big Brand

You can play 80 + games in a single or multi-player format on HAGO.

Knife Hit, Brain Quiz, Juice Slash, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Crazy Taxi, Sheep Fight, Rummy, and others are among the popular games.

Users can communicate with fellow players in an in-game chatroom through voice or text in what has emerged as the most appealing element of HAGO. This is reminiscent of yore’s Yahoo chat rooms, just a bit more interactive and colorful.

HAGO matches you with a stranger whenever you play a game, with whom you can continue playing the game. You can even send them a request for a friend if you liked playing with someone.

HAGO is your fresh Facebook-cum-Tinder-cum-WhatsApp-Group if you’re a sociable individual looking for a steady company. Sensor Tower presents it as “a super hot app for all social and casual requirements that can be your getaway.”

The voice chat function of HAGO enhances access and pulls customers from India’s Tier II and III cities a long way.

But, while there’s a lot on offer, with its colors, sounds, notifications, objectives, benefits, and continual nudges, the app can sometimes overwhelm you.

If you lose a game’s track, it’s hard to get your way back. You either have to leave or restart.

With such amazing features, HAGO depicts a promising future much like TikTok and is already capturing the markets.

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