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Haldiram And France’s Brioche Doree Join Forces!

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Founded in 1937, Haldiram now enjoys an annual revenue of over 4,224 Crores INR. What started as a small shop in Rajasthan has turned into a global chain with a strong presence all over the world. While the company has refrained from any partnerships outside the family, Ashish Agarwal, a fourth generation member of a HR Bakery, has helped Haldiram break away from tradition to sign a deal with France’s Brioche Doree. This leading bakery chain was looking to enter the Indian market and Haldiram’s widespread acceptance should give it the platform it needs to get off to a good start. Its first outlet has already been opened in CP, Delhi, and the company already has plans in place to open all over India.

True to their cultural roots, Haldiram has maintained that the French bakery must serve only vegetarian items on its menu. This is a first for them, however, they have complied in order to appeal to a majority of Indian consumers. According to Ashish Agarwal, the two teams have spent considerable time redesigning the menu to make it more relevant to the Indian palate. As of now, Brioche Doree offers classic French items like croissants, sandwiches, pastries, desserts, breads, salads and other snacks.

Why did Haldiram team up with Brioche Doree?

The average Indian consumer is now more aware of global cuisine and wants to experiment with the same. However, most authentic restaurants that offer this experience are also wildly expensive. As this bakery chain has teamed with Haldiram, we expect the prices to remain within the affordable segment, keeping in line with Haldiram’s ethos of providing delicious food at prices anyone can swallow.

“With Indian consumers experimenting with a lot more international cuisine and eating out growing at a rapid pace, we believe this is the right time to venture in this space,” said Agarwal, when asked why Haldiram chose Brioche Doree to sign such a deal with. He also added “An investment of about ₹4-5 crore has been infused in the initial stage for getting the brand off the ground”. While he did not confirm this, he did indicate that HR bakery would be interested in other deals with such chains in the future as well.

About Brioche Doree

brioche doree outlet

Founded in 1976 in France, Brioche Doree is a part of the Group Le Duff, which recently enjoyed a 2 Billion USD turnover. According to the brand’s website, they serve over a million customers in a single day and are known for their freshly baked breads and items that make up urban French food. Currently, the brand has more than 500 outlets spread all over the world, making it a great partner for Haldiram, which has also been enjoying large scale success for a while now.

As Haldiram is a brand that is available in almost every single Indian city, it is a good chain to be associated with for any brand that is looking to gain a foothold in the growing Indian market.

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