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Jubilant Foodworks Adds Hong’s Kitchen To Its Menu in India

Jubilant Foodworks
Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: March-14-2019 10:34 AM

Chinese food is the second-most consumed cuisine when Indians step out of their homes to eat. Understanding that there is a huge market to capture here, Jubilant Foodworks has added Hongs Kitchen to its India Menu, with its first outlet in Gurugram’s Eros mall. They hope to address the gap between stalls and expensive restaurants that offer high-quality Chinese food with this new foray. Jubilant Foodworks also runs large chains like Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin Donuts in India.

According to the Chief Executive of Jubilant Foodworks, Pratik Pota, “While Chinese food is the second largest consumed cuisine in the country, there exists a vast gap between street vendors and premium fine-dining restaurants,” He also said “Hong’s Kitchen, with its fast-casual format, will address this vast, unaddressed market through great-tasting and affordably priced Chinese food that’s customized for Indian tastes.”

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The Jubilant Foodworks operates over 1,200 Domino’s Pizza restaurants in 271 cities in India and 32 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants across 10 cities in India.

Abneesh Roy, the senior VP of Edelweiss securities also commented on this. He said “Key thing to watch here will be pricing, new store openings, capital expenditure per store, ad spends and delivery. In the first few years, any new chain makes losses. However, Jubilant already has huge economies of scale in terms of sourcing and real estate and hopefully will try to occupy gaps between street food and fine dining offerings,”

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As more and more Indians now eat out, the scope for improving the dining services is quite large. Ankur Bisen, the senior VP, retail and consumer, at Technopak said “While a lot of companies participate in the Chinese restaurant market in India, there is always scope to offer better menu and address any convenience loopholes that might exist,”

JFL recently shuttered down close to half its Dunkin Donuts stores in India, and also poured in money to revamp Domino’s products. The company is currently doing well.

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