Marvel Cinematic Universe- Making Of A Superhero Brand
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Marvel Cinematic Universe- Making Of A Superhero Brand

Pritish raj
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Marvel Cinematic Universe:- A name to reckon with when it comes to superheroes and unreal cinematic experience. 

Marvel has a thrilled audience and a passionate fan base all across the globe.

Marvel has redefined the franchise based cinematic universe in the last decade. The 22 films of the franchise have grossed some $17 billion—which is more than any other movie franchise in history. Movies from the franchise average a brilliant 84% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (the average for the 15 top-grossing franchises is 68%) and receive an average of 64 nominations and awards per movie. Avengers: Endgame, which was released in the spring, has won magnificent reviews and generated huge demand that online movie ticket retailers had to overhaul their systems to manage the number of requests. 


Source:- fandomwire

Marvel is one of the most loved and established brand across the world.

Here is an analysis, how Marvel managed to create this large fantasy world full of twists and turns with a value bigger than most of the brands across the globe.

Taking Risks and Backing the Inexperience

If you are creating a universe of Superheroes, you won’t like to have someone who doesn’t know about superheroes or is inexperienced in this genre. But Marvel being Marvel, decided to choose 14 out of the 15 directors who had no experience with the superhero genre.

It’s a big risk entering a cinematic universe of superheroes without any expert director. Directors of MCU had experience of other genres such as Shakespeare, comedy, and horror which reflected the unique vision in the movies. For example, Thor: The Dark World had Shakespearean overtones, Guardians of the Galaxy is kinda space opera, Captain America:- The Winter Soldier is a spy movie.


The Movie with Shakespearean tones.

Few brands are ready to take this kind of risk. Research on an employee while hiring shows how much dedicated you are towards your service/product.

Maintaining A Stable Core

To balance the new ideas and new talent coming in it is important to focus on the core you are working with. The stability provided by the core allows you to build an attractive community and continuity across products. The overlap in the core for each movie showed that Marvel retains the core of most movie series. A stable core supports renewal because it exerts a kind of gravitational effect. People not in the core are very much interested to join it. For example, superhero movies were once seen as the kiss of death for actors with high artistic ambitions. But Academy Award winners such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Forest Whitaker, and Lupita Nyong’o have all played roles in the MCU. Another Academy Award winner, Brie Larson signed seven movies of Captain Marvel.

Big football clubs follow the same strategy through their academies where they develop talents, invest in them and then play them for the glory. Lionel Messi is one such example.

Business organizations such as 3M and Nestlé embrace a similar strategy. Their classic organizational structures are overlaid with networks of teams, and the networks are monitored to ensure steady evolution—new members enter and others leave.


A Galaxy of Stars
Source:- HyperBeast

Creating Customer Curiosity

This is what Marvel does at its best, leaving the audience wanting for m0re. Marvel Studios provokes an intense interest in characters, plotlines, and entirely new worlds. Its whole universe has the feel of a puzzle that anyone can engage with. Moviegoers become active participants within a larger experience. Marvel systematically builds anticipation for its coming films by putting “Easter eggs” in its current releases that suggest a future product without giving away the story. The most obvious example is the famous post-credits scenes. Marvel Characters also created a persona around themselves which supported the mystery around the endings.

Captain America-Next big Brand

The Perfect Spy Movie Source:- MCU


The movies also present semi-concealed onscreen elements and references that only die-hard fans will notice—or storylines and character development that play out across several movies and products. For example, the Infinity Gauntlet, a weapon that figures heavily in the 19th film, can be seen in the background in Thor, the fourth film. A similarly important weapon, the Staff of the Living Tribunal, was casually introduced in Doctor Strange and may foreshadow the presence of a new character—named the Living Tribunal—in future movies.

Iron Man- Next Big Brand

We Love You 3000
source:- MCU


What Marvel followed is a classic example of creating a brand. These Marvel Cinematic Universe principle will help companies move beyond their constraints and become a brand. Taking a risk, backing your core and leaving the audience wanting for more.

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