Milton- Story Of One Of Most Trusted Indigenous Brand
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Milton- Story Of One Of Most Trusted Indigenous Brand

Milton- Next Big Brand
Pritish raj
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One of the leading manufacturers and Marketers of houseware products in the country Hamilton Housewares Pvt. Ltd. Also known as Milton. Founded in 1972. It was incorporated on 26 June 2000.

It’s a private Unlisted company and is classified as ‘company limited by shares’.


Hamilton Housewares Pvt. Ltd. is also known as Milton founded in Ahmedabad (Dadar Nagar Haveli) 1972 and incorporated on 26 June 2000. 

The Board Member & Directors are following 

  1.  Ajay Kumar Dinesh Kumar Vaghani appointed on 26 June 2000, the longest-serving director in the company.
  2. Rajesh Surajmal Gandhi appointed on 04 July 2018, latest Director of the company
  3. Jyoti Dinesh Vaghani appointed on 01 October 2006 and
  4. Manisha Ajay Vaghani appointed on 26 June 2000.

The company had approx 283 employees.

Milton owns these famous subbrands which are Treo, Claro, and Spotzero.

It made over INR 500 Cr in Operation revenue range for the last Financial Year. its EBITDA has increased by 10.59% over the previous year, at the same time its book net worth value has raised by 39.64%.

The company authorized capital is INR 1200.0 lakhs and it has 93.09% paid-up capital which is INR 1117.16 lakhs.

Milton- Next Big Brand

Products of Milton

Products & Services

A company dealing in Metal & Chemicals and products thereof (water bottles, jugs, filters, casseroles, gift sets, tiffin carry products, Vaccum flasks. Ice packs, Buckets, Stools, Mugs, Jars, Writing Instruments, Tea sets, Carafes, Party ceramic wares, Tumblers, Bowls, Pudding sets, Snack Sets, Dinner sets, Lemon and Gift sets, Storage jars, Water, Wine, Beer, Brandy, whiskey, Beverage, Martini, Margaritas, Champagne glasses and much more with its siblings.

Treo: In this brand, it specifically deals in Jars & Canisters, glass bottles, oil dispenser, oil dispenser, Refrigerator Container, gift sets, Tri-ply stainless steel, cast iron cookware, Microwave cookware and much more.

Claro: This brand specifically deals in Stationery, Pens, Calculator, Gift sets, tape and much more. 

Spotzero: This brand has its tag line (Super Safai). It deals in all kinds of cleaning Aids or housekeeping products such as a Spin mop, Comfort scrub, dustpan set, Aroma Garbage bag, Flexi Kitchen Brush, Toilet brush, wiper, Comfy Max and much more.

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