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NDTV Signs A Five Year Deal With Taboola Worth Over Rs. 3 Billion

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Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: January-21-2019 02:48 PM

The unparalleled market leader in its league, NDTV Convergence has struck an unprecedented five-year deal with Taboola, the world’s largest content discovery platform.

New Delhi Television Limited group’s digital arm, NDTV Convergence has reportedly signed a five year deal with content recommendations engine Taboola for over Rs. 3 Billion.

“Like NDTV, Taboola operates with the user interest as the basis of its decisions which is what makes this such a natural fit,” said Suparna Singh, CEO, NDTV Group. “Taboola’s energy and innovation have allowed us to enlarge our own goals; we share the pride and excitement in learning, redefining, and then recreating all over again. And this deal proves that NDTV remains unchallenged and the go-to for world-class companies.”

Taboola is a private advertising company based out of New York City. It provides advertisements such as the “Around the Web” and “Recommended For You” for many online news articles. The company was founded in 2007 and had raised more than $157 million in funding by 2015.

Over the years, NDTV has expanded its brand portfolio to grab a hold of opportunities in the ‘beyond news space’ and has its own subsidiaries: NDTV Lifestyle, NDTV Convergence (exploiting the synergies between the trio of television, Internet and mobile, and also owns the website ndtv.com) and NDTV Worldwide offering high end consultancy for setting up of local television news channels in emerging markets across the world.

“The five-year deal ties NDTV Convergence exclusively to Taboola and involves a minimum guarantee of an approximate amount of Rs 300 crore for NDTV Convergence, making it one of the largest deals, not just for digital content, but for the entire media space,” NDTV said in a BSE filing.

NDTV had previously made a deal in 2015 with Taboola for a 3-year contract for Rs. 1 Billion.

“Taboola uses its presence on sites like NDTV to recommend content from across the internet to the audience and to offer highly-personalized and relevant advertising,” the company added.

Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola said, “The growth of the mobile internet in India is skyrocketing, and with over half a billion smartphone users, its mobile adoption is second only to China. Mobile users are continually looking for those “moments of next,” and publishers such as NDTV are well-positioned to deliver dynamic, personalized content to their readers.”

NDTV also mentioned that this is the biggest deal that Taboola has ever signed in the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

NDTV Convergence owns and operates all digital properties of the NDTV group which includes the flagship portal. www.ndtv.com among all others.


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