OnePlus Most Trusted by Indian Smartphone Users, Samsung least
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OnePlus Most Trusted by Indian Premium Smartphone Users, Samsung least

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  • Majority of users (81%) of users replace high-end smartphones before they are two years old.
  • The survey was conducted on 800 premium android users in various Indian cities.

Indian smartphone users are in a hurry to upgrade their devices.

According to a recent survey by Counterpoint Research, Majority of users (81%) of users replace high-end smartphones before they are two years old.

Among major smartphone brands, users of Samsung tend to exchange their phones faster than average, while OnePlus users hang on the longest.

Pavel Naiya, a senior analyst told that Almost 6 out of 10 users are interested in replacing the smartphones within a year and four out of ten users of OnePlus plan to buy a new smartphone in the time span of 12 months.

The survey was conducted on 800 premium android users in various Indian cities.


OnePlus 7 Pro source-phonearena

What do buyers want?

Spending big money on a trendy phone is not a problem for tech-savvy Indians. Most of the android buyers are ready to pay at least Rs. 40,000 for their devices. “One in five respondents is interested in spending more than Rs. 60,000. And around 8 percent of the survey participants showed their interest in spending Rs. 80,000 or above on the smartphone.” the report said.

The most important features in a smartphone that buyers look for are dust and water resistance as surveyed by the respondents.

A Huawei spokesperson mentioned, “The existence of multiple brands across segments has made the smartphone market one of the fastest expanding ones in India. The increase in penetration has resulted in a rise in consumer expectations from smartphones.”

Who rules the market?

According to Counterpoint South Korea’s Samsung and China’s OnePlus are the dominant players in the premium smartphone segment while US-based Apple’s iPhone handsets are struggling in India.

A lot of Chinese brands such as Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo are also trying to enter the segment and attracting the young generation with their exciting camera and some extra features.

Shaad Rahman, chief executive officer of Delhi-based smartphone repair startup Phixman said, “The major factor behind the growth of OnePlus is their online marketing strategy. These strategies are similar to what Xiaomi implemented in India. Digital Marketing helps you create a loyal user base leading to surge in online and pre-bookings. Samsung is also slowly and steadily shifting its marketing strategies to the online space.”

With Indian smartphone users base and market growing at a rapid pace, the smartphone manufacturers need to keep innovating in order to fight with other brands and please the consumers.

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