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Parle Promises to Bring Back Rola Cola if it gets 10,000 retweets

Rola Cola
Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: February-20-2019 10:55 AM

Rola cola was one of Parle’s staple candies back in the 90s. It went out of production 2006, to the dismay of many 90s kids. However, recently, Siddharth Sai G from Kerela tweeted about his love for the candy and asked Parle how many retweets would they need to see before they bring back Rola Cola. The branded tweeted back saying that it would take 10k retweets for them to initiate the production of this iconic candy. They also have to use the hashtag #BringBackRolaCola. Now, the ball is in the Twitterati’s court.

This exchange took place on 13th February, and so far, Siddharth Sai G has managed to garner 1,200 retweets. Though there is not much clarity on whether they will be able to get to their goal of 10K retweets, there’s one thing that clearly stands out – the power of social media. The campaign has already gained the attention of huge names like Google, Zomato, Swiggy, and Netflix.

Social media has largely impacted the way brands and consumers communicate with one another. Earlier, consumers had no platform in which they could voice their opinions and concerns. Now, they can simply reach out to a brand they like and let them know what they think. This also helps brands stay attuned with the needs of their consumers. When you get information straight from the horse’s mouth, you can make far more effective strategies and product planning decisions.

Digital marketing and communications have become one of the most important tools in any brand’s communication arsenal. Though many brands are quick to realize this and start working on creating great content, others lag behind, wondering if blogs and social media even make a difference. To them, we say, wake up!

parle's twitter post

twitter post

About Parle India

Parle is one of India’s leading home-grown FMCG brands, with iconic products like Frooti, Appy, Hippo, LMN, Parle G Biscuits, and more. Their revenue in 2017 was 2000 Crore INR and the brand aims to be a 20,000 Crore INR company by the coming 5 years. The brand has a 35% dominant share in the Indian market for biscuits and confectionaries.

Parle has shown a great understanding of how to use the power of social media to its benefit. Now the question remains is whether they can garner the amount of RTs they’ve asked for!

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