Rahul Sharma of Micromax, is setting foot in the electric mobility space

Rahul Sharma, the Co-founder of Micromax, is setting foot in the electric mobility space

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Rahul Sharma, one of the co-founders of Micromax, a smartphone brand that was established in India, is now entering the electric mobility space. He launched his new company on Thursday and made the official announcement at that time. This company, known as Revolt Intellicorp, is said to produce AI enabled 2 wheelers. These products will be the first of their kind to be manufactured in India, and since the sales of 2 wheelers are amongst the highest within the category of vehicles in India, one can expect this business to do well.

Revolt Intellicorp has one main aim – it wants to make mobility something that is practical, affordable and sustainable for the average consumer. The office is headquartered in Gurugram and the brand also has a 100,000 square feet manufacturing unit that is located in Manesar. This manufacturing unit currently has a production capacity of over 12,000 vehicles as of Phase 1 of this brand’s launch.

Rahul Sharma

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Rahul Sharma spoke about this new venture with the media on the day of its launch. He said “As a mechanical engineer by qualification, I always found mobility and the expanse of opportunities it offers, very intriguing. There is a colossal need for using technology to disrupt urban commute and make it cleaner and sustainable. I’m doing my bit and I feel this is the right time for every player operating in this space to come together for the greater good of our environment. My vision is to see every household in India have access to sustainable mobility.”

In 2017/18, over 20 million two-wheelers were sold in India, making these vehicles some of the most sought-after ones in this market. However, it also means that Indians largely use modes of transportation that are the most harmful to the environment. With a majority of the world’s most polluted cities being in India (according to the World Health Organization), this is a major concern. Using electric vehicles and making them the norm as far as transportation is concerned can be a great way to tackle the growing problem of pollution.

Revolt Intellicorp is not the only company that is trying to tackle this problem. Tata is also said to be working on a line of electric two-wheelers, with the intention of launching their product soon. Unlike Revolt Intellicorp, however, Tata’s two-wheelers are not AI enabled (as of now). So, let us see what is in store for these two brands as far as this product offering is concerned.

We are certainly glad that big name brands are taking it upon themselves to improve the levels of pollution in India.

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