Reliance Industry Ltd Beats Amazon to be Ranked as the 6th Fastest Growing Retail Company in the world - Next Big Brand

Reliance Industry Ltd Beats Amazon to be Ranked as the 6th Fastest Growing Retail Company in the world

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According to a report released by Deloitte, Reliance Industry Ltd (RIL), led by Mukesh Ambani, has now been ranked as the sixth fastest growing retail company at a global scale. RIL has beaten many giants such as Amazon, Nike, and GS Retail to achieve this ranking. Moreover, RIL has also received a fantastic ranking in the list of 250 large retail companies released by Deloitte. It stands proud at rank 94, after beating a range of brands like Staples, Metro Inc, Next, and many others. This list was topped by Walmart, while the previous one was topped by Albertsons Companies (an American grocery brand) and Vipshop (a Chinese retailer).

This makes Amazon the only Indian firm to feature in both lists, an achievement that is a huge one considering the fact that RIL only operates in India while the other brands have a global presence.

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About Reliance Industry Ltd’s performance:

With a reported CAGR of almost 44.8% from 2012-2017, RIL is a company that is growing exponentially. It generated a retail revenue of 10.67 Billion USD in 2017, while its parent group generated revenue of 66.73 Billion USD that same year.

What were some of the brands that topped the list?

The top 5 brands on the list of the 50 fastest growing companies in the world released by Deloitte are as follows:

Albertson’s Companies

Operational only in the US, this company owns a range of food and drug stores and is one of the largest retailers in the country. Some of the brands it owns are Amigos, Tom Thumbs, Randalls, VONS, and ACME.

Albertsons Companies

Albertsons Companies

Vipshop Holdings Limited

This is an e-tailer brand that functions under the domain name of According to the brand’s own reports, they’ve enjoyed a CAGR of 74% from 2012-2017. This brand only operates in China., Inc

Another brand that operates only in China,, Inc, is Alibaba’s main rival. This brand uses the latest software and tech, including AI, in order to facilitate their deliveries. Their main office is located in Beijing.

Wayfair, Inc

This brand is an e-commerce site in the US that predominantly sells home goods. It also operates in other countries apart from its homeland, including Canada, UK, Ireland, and Germany. They’ve reported a CAGR of 51% in retail from 2012-2017.

A101 Yeni Mağazacılık AS

This Turkish discount store only operates in Turkey. They have reported a CAGR of 46% from 2012-2017.

With these great brands on the list, RIL ranked number 6!

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