Step aside, Mark Zuckerberg! Here’s the youngest Billionaire – Kylie Jenner!

Step aside, Mark Zuckerberg! Here’s the youngest Billionaire – Kylie Jenner!

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Earlier last year, Forbes Magazine had announced that Kylie Jenner was quickly about to become the world’s youngest billionaire (her net worth at the time was approximately 900 Million USD). Now, the feat has been achieved. Thanks to the phenomenal sales of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner has become the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of 21. Even Mark Zuckerberg had to wait till 23 to achieve this! Let’s take a look at how this has happened.

The Rise Of Kylie Cosmetics

Back when Kylie first got her signature pout, fans were shocked at how different she looked. However, instead of admitting that she’d used lip fillers, the young Kar-Jenner icon said that she was using lip liners to over-line her lips and define her pout. This became a huge talking point. Just a huge one that it was around that time that Kylie Jenner trademarked Kylie Lip Kits and began selling them. Each lip kit contained a liquid lipstick with a matching liner, and her website ran out of stock within 24 hours.kylie jenner cosmetics

Soon after, Kylie Cosmetics expanded to include eye shadows (Ky-shadows), concealers, highlighters, and just recently revealed a new product launch in the form of finishing powders.

Kylie credits the phenomenal rise of her brand to social media. As both, the only investor in her company and the face of her company, Kylie used her Instagram and Snapchat accounts to her full advantage. The young mogul has more than 150 million followers – an enviable reach for any marketer! Kylie Cosmetics also made it a point to release new products regularly, keeping fans constantly hooked. She picked up various topical themes to design entire kits with shadows and lipsticks, and this drove fans wild. Even makeup and beauty gurus could not get enough of her products.

Recently, Kylie Cosmetics has partnered up with Ulta Beauty, a huge chain that offers both, drug store and high-end makeup. This partnership is probably significantly responsible for the huge jump in her net worth.

Kylie celebrated her achievement by partying with her family at a roller rink, away from the eyes of the media.

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