Thailandwale – Your go-to brand for all things Thailand!

Thailandwale – Your go-to brand for all things Thailand!

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Thailandwale is a young and vibrant collective of holiday planners who are focussed on providing memorable trips to Thailand. The company prides itself on working exclusively with a customer-focussed mindset, with transparent and ethical dealings being a priority for the entire team.

Thailandwale is a rarity in the travel industry since the company focuses on offering services for a single destination, as opposed to offering services in multiple destinations. The idea behind doing so is that the company wants to establish an expertise and a sense of trust in one destination, with its connections and strength at the ground level making sure that every tour conducted by the company is an amazing experience for the travellers.

Talking to Founder & CEO Utkarsh Sharma gives you a clearer insight into how the company came into existence. “From years of experience of having served in the travel and tourism industry, we understand that the average consumer faces many problems when trying to work with travel agents. Delayed responses, hidden charges added to the amount at the time of billing, incomplete information regarding packages and inconsistent and even substandard services are just some of the many issues that plague travellers when trying to setup a tour with some of the multi-destination aggregators. Thailandwale was setup to make sure that travellers from across the country can enjoy their trip to the fullest without ever having to worry about even the smallest hassles along the way.”, says Sharma.

Utkarsh Sharma founded Thailandwale in 2016, with a motive of empowering the Indian travellers with comprehensive choices and comfortable trips to Thailand, where no middlemen interfere between the customer and company. Drawing from his experience of 12 years in providing business travel solutions, with several companies in the travel domain, Utkarsh identified the pain points of travellers in India and established Thailandwale to address each of them in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.

Thailandwale wants to ensure that over the next few years, the company becomes the go-to solution for every traveller to Thailand, whether it is for tour packages, guides on different attractions and entertainment avenues in the country, or even arrangements for a destination wedding! The company is also introducing different online guides for people travelling to Thailand. These guides will mostly revolve around making sure that the travellers know about the customs, the dos and don’ts, the laws of the country and all emergency protocol. The aim for introducing these guides is to make sure that any traveller visiting the country is well-equipped in handling the culture of the country, and can enjoy an immersive experience in Thailand.

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