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The future is private – F8 Updates

Written by Sourav
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The F8 conference was held from 30 April 2019 to 1st May 2019 at McEnery convention center in San Jose, California. Mark Zuckerberg keynote at the conference was that “The future is private”. Mark focuses on six core principle to embed across the company products: Privacy, code, safety, data storage, reduce permanence and ability. The company highlights some key features to their existing services like Instagram, WhatsApp, VR and AR, messenger many more.


Adam Mosseri revealed that three major enhancement will be done to the application: donation stickers curated product collections and camera interface. These key feature will enhance the user interface. But one major talk about the apps was that Instagram is removing the total number of likes received by photos and videos from the public view, This could dishearten the users universally.


Mark announced a new software development kit (SDK) to integrate Whatsapp verification code into Account kit from ios and android. They also launch a new tool called product catalog, which will allow the user to see the different products from the companies that participated in the Whatsapp business.

Dating application

Last year Facebook announced the launch of a dating app, which would focus on building real and long-lasting relationships. There were some errors which lead to delay in the launch, this year Mark announced the launch of the dating app which would provide brilliant experience.

Portal enhancement

Portal was launched last year, but it was rumored that facebook portal is not being secure. Now, in 2019 Mark Zuckerberg is addressing those concern by bringing end-to-end encryption to make the portal more private and secure. Portal is also getting support got WhatsApp and messenger.

Portal meets Alexa

Facebook introduced Alexa and Amazon prime video on the portal which will allow the user to use more stuff than just calling. Since last year this video calling device can do more and more.

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Messenger update

The Facebook messenger brought some all new feathers which will definitely dazzle you. Imagine a situation, you are responding to many friends at the same time on Instagram, messenger, WhatsApp, this could be so irritating at times. But now with all new update, a person can respond to the messages without even leaving the messenger.

Messenger on desktop

People use messenger to interact with friends, colleagues, customers to make it more user-friendly. For better optimization Facebook introducing a new desktop-based app for messenger that would be available on both Windows and apple.

Brand new design

Facebook announced an all-new stunning design which is simpler, faster and more user-friendly. The all-new design is launched in most of the devices, whereas the desktop version will be launched in the next couple of months.

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