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Case Study

Case Study – The Rise and Rise of Miraj Group

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Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: March-13-2019 03:15 AM

This is a season of Biographies. We have seen (and will continue to see) a lot of stories in Bollywood which depicts the story of people, their struggle and how did they overcome it to be a successful person.

If there is one real-life story which deserves to be told, it is of an Indian business magnate, Mr. Madan Paliwal and his labor of passion, Miraj Group.

Who would have thought that a small tobacco business which came into existence in 1987 will turn itself into a 2,000 Crore giant operating in more than 10 different Segments?

Madan Paliwal

CMD Madan Paliwal Ⓒ

“If there is passion in heart, nothing is impossible”

Miraj group was started by Madan Paliwal with an investment of bare 200 rupees. Today, it has turned into the Multi-Million revenue Film & Cinema, FMCG, Real Estate, PVC Pipes, Printing-Stationary organization. We are going to feature some of their notable businesses and projects which make them a brand to look forward to.

Miraj Cinemas:

Miraj cinemas


The most notable and significant businesses of Miraj Group is Miraj Cinemas. Today, Miraj Cinemas is the fifth-largest multiplex chain in India. The company plans to expand its presence by acquiring independent theatres and converting them.  It has hit the 100-screen milestone last month, and they plan to invest Rs 200 crore to another 100 screens by March 2020 to touch the 200 screens milestone.

Miraj aims to get into the psyche of the audiences in small towns and cities, where the big players don’t have a foothold. It is now present in 14 states and 40 locations in the country operating 110 screens and counting.

Miraj Developers:

Miraj Real State Banner


Miraj Group started its real estate division in 2010 with Miraj Mall at Ajmer. As per their website, they are planning to come up with new ventures to usher the booming real estate market. They have developed various Malls, residential complexes, Affordable Housing projects across Rajasthan in Ajmer, Udaipur, Bhilwara, and Nathdwara.

Miraj Retail:

Miraj Mart


Miraj Group is engaged in manufacturing of packed snacks under its brand ‘Miraj’ besides its other products such as Miraj Tea, Miraj Oil Soap under its FMCG segment. It started its retail division in 2017 with Miraj Mart at Kandivali, Mumbai. Miraj Mart is lead by its CEO Sanjeev Joshi who plans to satisfy the felt need of the customers from all segments of society and all age groups.

Miraj FMCG:

Miraj Group started FMCG division in 2003 with Tea Manufacturing. Later in 2004 Miraj started soap division with its washing soap who claim to manufacture animal fat-free laundry soaps which are more environmentally friendly as compared to traditional soaps. They have also started offering a wide range of tasty Food snacks like Namkeen, Milk Toasts, instant mix and spices, Pickles and Dry Fruits.


India is set to be the home of the tallest Shiva statue. A Shiva Murti, at a height of 351 feet, will be built and completed this year by Miraj Group at Nathdwara, Rajasthan. When created, this will become the fourth tallest statue in the world, behind the Statue of Unity, Spring Temple Buddha, and Laykyun Setkyar.

As many as 750 workers are working behind to create the statue since the past four years. The Shiva Murti is expected to be so tall that it can be visible from a distance as far as 20 km away.

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