Tinder number 1 on the list of highest earning app, After Surpassing Netflix!
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Tinder #1 on the list of highest earning app, after surpassing Netflix

Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: April-13-2019 12:45 PM

Since 2016, Netflix has consistently been known as the highest earning app within the non-gaming space. The streaming giant has taken the world by storm and is only expected to grow. However, this year, it was bumped off from its usual spot on the list by a surprising contender – tinder. The app earned a revenue of $ 260.7 million from Google Play Store and Apple Store combined. At the same time, Netflix’s revenue dipped by 15%. Furthermore, the quarter on quarter revenue for Tinder has increased by 42%, which spells great business for this brand.

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Even though Netflix is extremely popular, they have faced a major drop in their revenue as the brand has refused to pay Apple Tax. While Netflix is facing issues, Tinder has been soaring ahead, with more and more consumers from developing countries turning to this app in order to meet people. In India, tinder is the top grossing app on the Play Store.  Its new service, known as Tinder Gold, has also helped increase the brand’s overall popularity. Even though Tinder does not generally release data about the number of users it has, experts estimate that there are at least 3 million users of this particular service. Tinder gained 1.7 million new users only in 2018.

Apart from Tinder, Indians are using Tik Tok quite prominently. In just the last three months, Tik Tok has seen 88.6 million new users. In fact, this app has also garnered a lot of negative attention from Madras High Court – the court wants the app banned as it contains inappropriate content, and the court believes that the app also encourages pornographic content. They have also asked the Supreme Court to review the app and decide whether it should be banned.

Currently, Tik Tok has seen more than 1.1 billion downloads and has also grossed more than $ 80 million from its in-app purchases.

With Tinder having bumped Netflix from the first position of the list of top apps, it will be interesting to see what they do in order to maintain this spot.

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