Uniqlo Is Gearing Up For Delhi Launch by Stepping Up Their Hirings

Uniqlo Is Gearing Up For Delhi Launch by Stepping Up Their Hirings

Uniqlo- Next Big Brand
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Uniqlo, a popular Japanese brand, is all set to launch its latest store in Delhi, marking its entry into India. They have already started hiring candidates for their India operations and are also training them in Japan. Their store is going to launch in the fall of 2019.

Company spokespersons have said “We are very excited about entering into India, and can confirm that Uniqlo is aiming to open its first store in India in Delhi-NCR in Fall 2019. In preparation of the opening, the company is now working at full speed in building up a team with various functions and levels, especially in recruiting local talents under its Uniqlo Manager Candidate (UMC) program,”

The UMC program is one that trains managers for various store positions and also trains them in their overseas offices for a set duration. This helps them standardize behaviors and processes throughout their operations. Someone who is familiar to the brand’s hiring processes said “The company is currently training new recruits in Japan,” The brand has taken the help of Pasona, a Japanese recruitment firm, in order to facilitate the hiring.

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Uniqlo has also brought in P&Gs Shantanu to head marketing operations. The brand, amongst Ikea and H&M, is taking the 100% FDI route in India. For now, they plan to open a store in a South Delhi mall. “For now they want to open one store and see what products sell before entering other cities,” said a person familiar with the dealings. In 2016, the brand had also set up a separate sourcing office in Bangalore to source clothing for their overseas ventures.

Uniqlo was founded by Billionaire Tadashi Yanai and is the third largest retailer in the world, after Inditex and H&M. The brand has more than 3,445 stores all over the world, and India will surely prove to be a huge market for them. During the end of FY18, Uniqlo’s revenues, according to its own reports, were 2,130 Billion Yen.

In Japan itself, there are over 800 stores and this brand account for 6.5% of fast retail sales. Its first store was launched in Hiroshima in 1984. Now, it is present all over the world in the UK, Singapore, South Korea, China, Russia, and Australia. Company executives had also hinted that Uniqlo will add more than 100 new stores in the Greater China region this year.

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