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Vidooly Media Receives Series C Funding Of Rs 15 Crore!

Vidooly Media
Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: February-08-2019 02:20 PM

Vidooly Media Tech has recently received its Series C funding from Times Internet and Alibaba. With a hefty 14.3 Crore INR funding from Alibaba and a 77 lakh funding from Times Internet, Vidooly Media wrapped up a successful Series C funding with 15 Crore INR.

Company background

Founded in 2014, Vidooly Media offers accurate video analytics by using their Deep Eye Technology. The founding team behind Vidooly Media includes Subrat Kar, Ajay Mishra and Nishant Radia and the trio prides itself on creating a platform that provides analytics to content creators. With their video intelligence platform, Vidooly Media offers brands, MNCs, media companies, and agencies understand how to drive more traffic towards their content, which ultimately helps with their revenue. They even help creators across all fields (be in independent content creation groups or advertisers) understand how they can better optimize and fine tune their content in a way that ensures maximum audience engagement.

According to their own statistics, the company has tracked the data of over 500 Million cross platform users. They have also tracked over 200 Million unique users to be able to provide comprehensive learnings to their clients. After all, each new user represents a new finding that must be taken into account when understand how your content resonates with your audience. They also offer a range of free tools called Trending Youtube Videos, Twitch Leaderboard, Top Facebook Videos, Top Youtube Channels, and VidLog Chrome Extension, and even added a hot-topic tool called T-series Vs Pewdiepie Live! Now, this is a company that certainly knows what people want to watch.

Vidooly Media has worked with major brands like OML, TVF, Group M, Mindshare, VideoGyan, Fine Brothers, WebTV Asia, and Thoughtful Media, amongst many others. Apart from offering brand intelligence solutions, they also offer brand security solutions for many of their clients.


During their Series A funding in May 2017, the company received 1.4 million USD from Times Internet and Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd. During this time, the company’s main plans included expanding their business all over India. Since then, they’ve had a total of 5 funding rounds and have raised 4.5 Million USD over the course of the same.

vidooly media growth

Entering a new market

Recently, Vidooly Media entered the online gaming and e-sports market, a market that’s worth 1 Billion USD and growing. The product they are offering within this space is known as E-Sports Analytics which offers insights spread across market forecasts, actionable consumer insights that are pertinent to brands, online streaming platforms, game studios, esports organizers, and extensive data tracking. The company aims to provide a wholesome ecosystem for all video analytics online.

On February 07, 2019, Vidooly Media received its Series C funding, and the amount totalled 15 Crore INR. Though the founders have not commented yet, we are excited to hear about their future plans regarding the directions they want to take their company in.

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