Want to know which Music App is topping the charts in India? It’s Gaana!

Want to know which Music App is topping the charts in India? It’s Gaana!

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Gaana, which is owned by the Times Group, recently clocked 80 million monthly active users out of the total 150 million market. With this, it has topped the charts in India for the most used music streaming app, in spite of the entry of giants like Spotify and the prevalence of YouTube. Gaana offers over 2.7 billion songs across different genres and languages in India, making it a highly inclusive app for people all over the country who want to listen to music. The app has been witnessing a 100% year-on-year jump in its subscribers and revenue.

Prashan Agarwal, the CEO of Gaana, spoke to the media about the app’s top position in the country. He said “We continue to lead the space with a clear majority. Now we are focusing on taking the product to the next level to give our users the best experience. Last year, we launched voice assistant, which is now used by 24% of our users for a lean-back experience,”

In order to continue to grow, Gaana has kept up to date with different technological advancements that make it easier for consumers to use the app. One such advancement is Google’s Text to Speech which lets the consumers play any music based on their mood, genre, singer, actor, or any other parameter that they may choose. According to Mr Agarwal, this has been a huge advantage for them. “Our machine learning algorithms have now started predicting user behavior and almost 17% of songs are played as per recommendations from our algorithms,”

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Moreover, at this point in time, Gaana is the only app in India that allows its users to access song lyrics while listening to their favorite tracks. This has also played a key role in consumer acceptance of the app. “This feature has resulted in a 2X jump in the time people stay on screen, even as most music services are played in the background,”

According to their own data, an average consumer spends at least 28 minutes listening to songs on Gaana. Amongst consumers, this app is a leader, followed by others like Apple Music and Wynk.

Mr. Thomas George, the country manager and SVP of CMR said “Music consumption in India is undergoing a slow but gradual evolution. In the ‘streaming era’, the way people listen to music is shaping the music industry. Digital music streaming has emerged as a mainstream channel for those on the move,”

This is certainly proven true by the data that Gaana has released regarding the way consumers use the app.

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