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Xiaomi Launches Cross Border E-Commerce Platform ‘ShareSave’ in India

Xiaomi ShareSave
Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: January-28-2019 03:16 PM

Chinese electronics giant, Xiaomi has launched its cross border e-commerce platform ShareSave in India. It aims to offer a quick and efficient way to order Xiaomi-ecosystem products that have not been released internationally. The company is using social e-commerce as the primary model for the platform, which allows the users to make direct purchases or pair their orders with friends and family to get discounts.

The platform features three types of purchase modes – Pair-up, Drop and Kickstart. Under the Pair-up section, users can save more money when buying products with a friend and get an exclusive discount for both buyers. Under the ‘Drop’ option, one will have to join a drop group to get devices with up to 100 percent price cuts. However, they will need enough people to join the group to avail the offer. The third is a Kickstart tab on the app where one can contribute $0.2 and back products for receiving up to 10 times the reward.

The new e-commerce platform seems to be another way of checking user’s interest in products that are not yet available in India. On checking out the app, it was found that it hosts products by various companies, along with devices by companies Xiaomi backs, like Yeelight, Yuemi and others. Xiaomi also mentioned that those who buy these products will “get complete local support, such as after-sales services and delivery to their doorstep along with fair and honest prices.” The devices listed on the app range from smart hardware and mobile peripherals to varying lifestyle products. Some of the products currently available on Xiaomi ShareSave are the Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver, the Yeelight LED Light Bulb (Color), and the Soocas Sonic Electric Toothbrush X1 Lite.
ShareSave banner

Xiaomi, which had launched its crowdfunding programme ‘Mi Crowdfunding’ in India last year, has collaborated with more than 100 Internet of Things (IoT) and lifestyle companies. Xiaomi has the world’s largest consumer IoT platform with more than 132 million connected devices.

Xiaomi ShareSave app is already available for Android users on Google Play Store. However, there is no word if the company plans to release an iOS version of the app or if it plans to launch a Web version.

“Xiaomi strongly believes in the power of community, and the social aspect of ShareSave is a perfect reflection of this. ShareSave allows for a place where Mi Fans can connect, enjoy and share a unique #SharetoSave shopping experience. It also serves as a testing ground for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about the local demand for various products,” the company wrote in their blog post.


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