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Xiaomi Mi TV or the new My TV?

Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: January-07-2019 05:55 AM

Since it’s advent into the Indian Subcontinent in 2016, Xiaomi has done amazingly well for itself. From low-end affordable phones with great specifications to excellent quality, it read the Indian markets to perfection. Within two years of its arrival, it’s market share rose to a whopping 25%, closely followed by Samsung at 23 percent.

But it did not stop there. Not only did Xiaomi venture into the TV segment but went a step further by pricing its most premium TV at the same price that Sony or Samsung would charge for entry-level options.

Now set to launch the new Mi TV in India on January 10, Xiaomi has it’s fans wondering if it’s the same Mi TV 4 65-inch it launched in China a few months ago. According to statements released by the company, this TV is set to be the largest they’ve released in India as of yet. Judging by Xiaomi’s aggressively competitive pricing, it is safe to assume the same for the television market. The Mi TV 4 65-inch was launched in China for CNY 5,999, which roughly translates to 63,300 INR. That gives a fair idea that the 65-inch Mi TV could be priced between Rs 55,000 and Rs 60,000

mi tv4 image source mi.com

mi tv4 image source mi.com

The key selling point for this TV will be its size. The biggest TV that Xiaomi has launched in India is one with a 55-inch screen. So, if Xiaomi launches the Mi TV 4 65-inch it will indeed be the biggest ever Mi TV to be launched in India. Seeing Xiaomi’s patterns, it has been anticipated that Xiaomi will bring the China variant of the Mi TV 4 65-inch to India.

Xiaomi recently launched three Mi TVs in India including — Mi TV 4 Pro 55-inch, Mi LED TV 4A Pro 49-inch, and Mi TV 4C Pro 32-inch. All three Mi TVs come with an improved and enhanced version of Mi TV PatchWall which makes the TVs much smarter compared to the previous ones. They all run on Android 8 and come with a built-in Chromecast, making it easy for users to connect their phones to the Mi TVs.

mi tv4 various varient source mi.com

mi tv4 various varient source mi.com

All the three Mi TVs also come with YouTube and Google Play Store support and have an integrated Google Voice search. On the hardware front, they are powered by 7th Gen flagship Amlogic 64 bit Quad core processor accompanied with an ARM Mali 450 GPU, up to 750MHz. The Mi TV 4 Pro (55-inch), Mi LED TV 4A Pro (49-inch), and Mi TV 4C Pro (32-inch) also come paired with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, headphone jack, Mi TV remote that has 12 buttons with a specifically 360-degree dedicated Google Voice button.


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