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Y Combinator Has Picked These 4 Indian Start Ups!

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Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: March-01-2019 09:15 AM

Y Combinator is an American seed firm that is known for investing 150K USD in the startups that it picks. This company has already funded more than 1,900 startups. Their portfolio includes big names like Airbnb, Reddit, Quora, and Dropbox, amongst many others. For their 2019 list of startups, they have picked the following 4 Indian firms:

My ScootScoot

Founded by Somvir Yadav, Suyash Sinha, and Sidharth Rawat, My Scoot is an app that allows users to host or find house parties where they can meet new people. If a user wants to host a house party, they can earn money for dinners, brunches, or any other gatherings that they want to host. This platform offers a comprehensive 5 step verification that helps people ensure that they will provide and be a part of safe environments. Based out of Gurugram, this service is already available in 4 cities. They have a growing user base of 150 hosts.

Trexo Robotics trexo robotics

Founded by Manmeet Maggu and Rahul Udasi, this startup builds wearable robots that are designed to help children with the cerebral palsy walk. So far 65 families across North America are already using and benefiting from their products. At the moment, these products are limited to home use.

Skill Lyncskill lync

Skill Lync is a learning app that promises that people will be able to get better jobs just after completing 4 courses. Founded by Suryanarayanan Paneerselvam, this app offers comprehensive mechanical engineering courses for students of mechanical engineering. Their courses start at 250 USD. The main aim of this app is to be able to teach students things that they do not pick in college, thereby making them more skilled for their jobs. The app is gearing up to launch a brand new course on hybrid electric vehicle design and analysis. Apparently, this is a guaranteed course that will give students a job. If it doesn’t, students can get their money back!


Rohit Goyal, Edul Patel, Prince Arora, Alankar Saxena, and Snehil Buxy founded this blockchain based app to help professional traders write down their logic in a flow-chart inspired tool. They can also use a range of historical live data, and implement their strategies on multiple platforms in order to trade. Traders can start using this tool without paying.

With the funding from Y Combinator, we’re excited to see what these startups will create and offer this year!

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