Youtube’s Original Content Is Soon To Be Free
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Youtube’s Original Content is Soon To Be Free

Youtube originals
Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: May-04-2019 09:23 AM

Youtube had included Original Content on its platform a while back, along with its Premium memberships. These original shows were free only for the premium members, while others had to pay per show to watch the episodes. However, Youtube has decided to ditch this revenue stream and has recently announced that they will soon be offering this content for free too.

Their official statement talked about the same. They said, “We’re continuing to focus on stories that delight us from our favorite personalities, inspire us through rich cultural moments and educate us on topics that matter.”

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, told the media that India is the fastest growing market for Youtube. Ever since they brought Youtube Music to the fore, they have already seen more than 15 million downloads. This observation holds true for many streaming platforms. Netflix also considered India to be one of its biggest markets and has also been producing specific original content that is geared towards the Indian audience. Youtube is also planning to do the same.

Youtube Originals

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Ted Sarandos, who is the chief of Content at Netflix, talked about this. He said “We’ve kept one strict principle around it…these shows have to be very locally relevant…the best way to make global stories is to make them incredibly, authentically local.”

In order to expand its audience in India, Netflix has also partnered with different telecom providers like Vodafone and Airtel so that they can offer a more convenient service to its consumers. Moreover, these partnerships will help Netflix offer their content at discounted prices. This is an important thing to consider as all of its major competitors, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, offer their shows as a much lower rate. Their subscription packages start at ₹ 999 per month, which is much lesser than Netflix’s offering, which is ₹ 500 per month for a single screen. The giant, however, is aware of this and is planning to get lower subscription packages that allow people to view their content on their smartphones only.

This should help them increase their consumer base!

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