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ZARA New Logo: Hit or Miss?

zara new logo
Written by Sourav
[email protected] | | Published on: January-30-2019 08:54 AM

ZARA was founded in 1975 and journey from 1975 to 2019 has gained brand with huge success to become the most powerful in Global fashion Industry having 7400 stores across the world and 49 online stores.

Recently the Zara is in talks due to change in their logo, people have come up with different opinions. In the last 45 years, this the second time they have changed their logo. Previously they changed in 2011 by adding space in between the letters.

The new look of the logo with overlapping letters adding curves to ‘’Z’’ and  ‘’R’’. This new logo is designed by firm Baron & Baron, whose founder, Fabien Baron. People tweeted they used the same text designing for Harper’s Bazar in their early 90’s.

People’s love for the brand across the world is not much satisfied with the logo. People say they are struggling to make sense of what they are reading when they see the logo.

They even tweeted that they want to meet the one approved this design.

Some are happy with the new logo and said well to see the brand moving to another level let’s see how can they keep up its new leap this 2019.

How can we forget people mocking them saying if the tendency of compressing letters continues the next design for the logo will just be a black triangle.

The curvy new logo was launched with ZARA’s new theme for Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. The website also changes by adding new colored features to both men and women’s section. Although the new logo is not welcomed with much positivity.

The most interesting part of Rebranding is that brands gear up for more significance shift? It’s much more than just change in typography.

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